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Should I Buy an Electric Car?

Should I Buy an Electric Car?

Q: With gas prices soaring and expected to continue climbing into the foreseeable future, I’m wondering if this is a good time to consider purchasing an electric car. Should I buy an electric vehicle now?

A: Thousands of drivers are grappling with this question as gas prices peak. While an electric vehicle (EV) might be the right choice for many, there are lots of variables to consider before making this decision. Here’s what to know about electric cars before going this route:


Nissan Rogue - a buyers guide

The Nissan Rogue – A Buyers Guide and Breakdown

The Nissan Rogue at a Glance:

  • Vehicle type: AWD, FWD, 5-seater SUV
  • Base price: $26,700
  • Engine/transmission combo: 1.5 liter, VC-turbo, 3-cylinder direct engine hooked up to an Xtronic CVT
  • Power: 201 horsepower @5,600 rpm
  • EPA fuel economy: 30/37 mpg

12 Steps to Financial Wellness-Step 4: Have the Money Talk with Your Partner

12 Steps to Financial Wellness-Step 4: Have the Money Talk with Your Partner

You’ve tracked your spending, created a budget, worked on ridding yourself of debt, and are well on your way to a financially secure life. Now you’re ready for step four, in which you’ll have the money talk with your partner.

We are 1st in ROM!

We are #1 in “Return of the member” (ROM)!

Credit unions pride themselves on offering superior products, services, and experiences. But quantifying member value is tricky. That’s why more than two decades ago, Callahan & Associates developed the Return of The Member (ROM) calculation.  ROM considers three core credit union functions:

The Best SUVs 1/3: The Subaru Outback 2022

The Best SUVs 1/3: The Subaru Outback 2022

The Subaru Outback at a Glance:

  • Vehicle type: AWD, 5-seater SUV
  • Base price: $27,145
  • Engine type: Gas
  • Power: 260 hp@5600 rpm
  • Transmission: Continuously variable-speed (CVT) automatic
  • Fuel efficiency: 22 mpg/city; 26 mpg/highway

Is it a Good Idea to Open a HELOC Now?

Is it a Good Idea to Open a HELOC Now?

If you’re looking for a large sum of money to use for a home improvement project, or the economic devastation of COVID-19 has left you in desperate need of cash, consider tapping into your home’s equity. One great way to do this is by opening a home equity line of credit, or a HELOC. Let’s take a closer look at HELOCs and why they can be an excellent option for cash-strapped homeowners in today’s financial climate.

‘Tis the season to shop until you drop-or until you go broke. But you don’t have to overspend.

‘Tis the season to shop until you drop-or until you go broke. But you don’t have to overspend.

There’s no need to rack up a huge credit card bill or go into debt just to cover your holiday expenses. Enjoy a stress-free season by keeping your spending in check with these six tips:

Why You Need to Be Financially Fit

Why You Need to Be Financially Fit

Individual Americans spend hundreds of dollars a year and at least as many hours on keeping themselves physically fit — but too many people neglect their financial health. Just like physical health, being financially fit is crucial to your wellbeing, your future and your quality of life.

Here’s why being financially fit is so important and how you can overcome common barriers to achieving financial wellness.


Interested in an RV loan?

Did You Know that We Offer RV loans?

If you’re thinking of road-tripping your next getaway, think RVs. Recreational vehicles and their close cousin, campervans, are growing increasingly popular as more families hit the road for a true American adventure that’s easier on the wallet and heavy on the fun. When purchasing an RV, you can go all out with a fully loaded luxury vehicle, or go the less costly route by opting for a campervan, also called a Class B motorhome. The best part is that our current New and Used RV Loan rates are 5.99% APR both up to 180-month term (15 years)!

A Better Way to Pay for College

Deciphering Financial Aid Award Letters

You’ve received your college acceptance letters – congratulations! If you’ve been accepted to multiple schools, one of the biggest determining factors for your final choice may be the out-of-pocket cost for each option. Along with your acceptance letters, you should receive an award letter outlining the financial aid for which you are eligible at each college.

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