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Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Line Of Credit For Primary Residences

LTV** LimitIndex (Prime Rate)MarginMaximum APR*Current APR*
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
**LTV = Loan-to-value
Variable Rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. 80%/90% loan to value, 20 year term, 5 year draw, 15 year payback. Rates above are good for owner-occupied residences.

Get your home in shape with a Home Equity Line of Credit from SRI Federal Credit Union

ZERO points, ZERO annual fees, ZERO closing costs
and a low variable rate of prime.

  • Borrow up to 90% of the combined loan-to-value (CLTV)
  • Minimum limit $20,000
  • Maximum limit $500,000
  • Variable rate changes monthly based on prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal 10 days before month end. Floor 3.25% APR for 80% LTV and 4.50% for 90% LTV.
  • Principal and interest payments amortized over 15 years, with a 5 year draw period and 20 year term
  •  Easy access to funds as needed online or with checks
  • If you are in the last year of the draw period, contact us for a free HELOC review.  You may qualify to have the draw period extended another five years!
  • HELOCS closed within 24 months require repayment of all fees. These fees will be prorated.


HELOC Draw Period Extension Request

If your HELOC is coming to the end of its draw period and you would like to extend it for another five years we've got a no fee solution.

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