Home Equity Lines of Credit

Exercise your Equity!

Get your home in shape with a Home Equity Line of Credit from SRI Federal Credit Union

ZERO points, ZERO annual fees, ZERO closing costs
and a low variable rate of prime.

  • Borrow up to 80% of the combined loan-to-value (CLTV)
  • Minimum limit $10,000
  • Maximum limit $500,000
  • Variable rate changes monthly based on prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal 10 days before month end. Floor 3.25% APR
  • Principal and interest payments amortized over 15 years, with a 5 year draw period and 20 year term
  •  Easy access to funds as needed online or with checks
  • If you are in the last year of the draw period, contact us for a free HELOC review.  You may qualify to have the draw period extended another five years!
  • HELOCS closed within 24 months require repayment of all fees. These fees will be prorated.


Home Equity

Index (Prime Rate)MarginMaximum APR*Current APR*
4.00% 0.00% 15%4.00%
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
Variable Rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. 80% loan to value, 20 year term, 5 year draw, 15 year payback

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